Email send methods

We provide multiple methods of delivery notification emails to your customers. 

Let us handle emails

Out of the box, we provide a default email delivery method. This uses SendGrid to ensure high deliverability. Emails will be sent from "[email protected]" labelled with your store name (or whatever you chose as the Sender name). By default, the reply to address is set to the same as your BigCommerce settings but this can also be customized.

Bring your own SMTP service

If you would like emails to come from your own domain, then we provide the SMTP delivery method. If you don't already have your own provider, we recommend SendGrid. See their documentation on how to get your SMTP credentials.

Use our DotDigital integration

We provide a comprehensive integration with DotDigital with two email delivery options. Once configured with DotDigital API credentials, you can either continue managing the email template within the Back in Stock Alerts app, or you can choose a triggered campaign template. Using a triggered campaign template means that you can manage the email design within DotDigital. This template can then be customized with variables that our integration provides:


Need another integration?

Do you need an integration with another email marketing tool? Let us know so that we can prioritise new features.

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