You want to feature products on your blog or a partner website but don’t want to manage a complex integration. With Commerce Blocks you can quickly drop in a product carousel or grid on any website. Now you can create browsable shopping experiences on any website without a developer.

This app received an honourable mention at the BigCommerce Hackathon (Summer 22).

Embed carousel or filterable grid of products

A commerce block is a product component that can be dropped into any website with a small code snippet.

To set up a block, choose:

  • Whether products be displayed in a carousel or in a grid.
  • Search for and pick specific products to feature, or choose a search term & category combination.
  • URL for the site that it will be embedded on.

Then you will be provided with a small code snippet which can be copied and pasted into the location that you want the block to show.

Customize design

By default, commerce blocks will inherit the designs from the site that they’re embedded on but you can also choose to override these with your own custom designs, e.g. font family, colour, size, etc. 

Get Support

Please email [email protected], or send us a message with any questions, problems or feedback. 

This app is brought to you by Space 48, BigCommerce Agency Partner of the Year, EMEA, in 2020 & 2021.

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