Quick start

Our single-click install app allows you to create shopping experiences anywhere on the web in just a few clicks. 

Create a Block

To get started, create a new block.

Choose a block type

You can choose what type of block you would like:

  • Grid - A list of products like you'd find on a category or search results page
  • Carousel - A scrollable row of products.

You will also need to provide the URL of the site where you plan on embedding the block.

Select products

Finally, choose what products you would like displayed in the carousel. You can select specific products. 

Or you can select products by category or search term. 


Switch to the Installation tab to copy the code snippet. Paste this into any website exactly where you would like your carousel to show. 

And there you have you're new carousel powered by BigCommerce and Commerce Blocks - here on a Wordpress blog post without any Wordpress plugin required.

For more details, see Create a Block.

The carousel will automatically inherit the design & styles from the site that you embed on but you may choose to override this and create custom a custom design.

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