Create a block

A block is a commerce component that can be dropped into a site of your choosing. 

Choose block type

The first settings to choose from are:

  • Name - internal use only
  • Channel - The storefront that products should be shown from

Then you can choose the type of block:

  • Carousel - a scrollable row of products
  • Grid - a category or search results page type of experience. 

When configuring a grid, you can choose whether it should be possible for customers to filter the product selection themselves using BigCommerce's Product Filters (available on selected BigCommerce plans) and search. 

You can override the design of a block by choosing from a design that you've created.

Finally, you must provide the URL of the site where you will be placing the block. This is required in order to be able to authenticate with BigCommerce's API. Products will not be shown if placed on a different site.  

Select products

The next section allows you to define which products to display in the block. 

For grid Blocks, it can be useful to select products based on one or more categories. 

You can also choose which order products should be displayed in by default.

Alternatively, you can show products that match a specific search term.

The app supports one type of exclusion rule at this time which is to hide out-of-stock products. 

For carousel Blocks, it may be more appropriate to select specific products:

Install block

Once created, you are now ready to install your block. Copy the code snippet from the Installation tap and paste it into the site exactly where you wish to show products.

Use on the blog 

It doesn't have to be another website, you can even use our blocks on your BigCommerce site. This is a useful way of featuring products directly within a blog post which isn't currently possible with PageBuilder.

Add with PageBuilder

You can also use PageBuilder to add CommerceBlocks to your own store. See more information.

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