Using a custom hamburger menu

Our app comes pre-integrated with themes based on Cornerstone. The mobile menu from the mega menu app is shown when an element with the class mobileMenu-toggle is clicked or tapped.

If your theme uses a different mobile menu trigger, then you may find that our mobile menu does not show when the hamburger menu icon is clicked. 

Configure custom hamburger selector

If the hamburger menu icon doesn't have the class  mobileMenu-toggle, you will need to add a script to the page to tell the mega menu app which page element to look for. 

The easiest way to achieve this is to create a new script with Script Manager.

This script should be placed in the Head of All pages and marked as Essential.

    window.MEGAData = window.MEGAData || {};
    window.MEGAData.hamburgerMenuSelector = '.button-mobile-nav-toggle';

Programmatically trigger mobile menu

The mobile menu can also be programmatically triggered through JavaScript by accessing the mega menu object instance available on window.MEGA.

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