Translating Store Locator

The store locator has some built-in phrases that you may wish to change or translate to another language. You can achieve this by adding a script through script manager to define the alternative phrases.

Translate Phrases with Script Manager

The easiest way to achieve this is by creating a new essential script to the Head of Store pages in Script Manager.

The script should be of the format:

    window.S48StoreLocatorConfig = window.S48StoreLocatorConfig || {};
    window.S48StoreLocatorConfig.translations = {
      "search_placeholder": "Start typing address" 

The available fields and the default values for each are:

  "filters": "Filters",
  "distance_national": "National",
  "directions_cta": "Get directions",
  "website_cta": "Visit website",
  "radius": "Radius",
  "opening_times": "Opening Times",
  "open_now": "Open Now",
  "open_24_hours": "Open 24 hours",
  "closed": "Closed",
  "distance_away": "%{distance} away",
  "location_image_alt": "%{name} image",
  "no_locations_message": "No locations found",
  "search_placeholder": "Enter address or postcode",
  "monday": "Monday",
  "tuesday": "Tuesday",
  "wednesday": "Wednesday",
  "thursday": "Thursday",
  "friday": "Friday",
  "saturday": "Saturday",
  "sunday": "Sunday"
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