Syncing changes from BigCommerce

Hyper Search regularly synchronizes products from BigCommerce in order to ensure that the latest product information is shown in search results.

Once up and running, the time of the last full sync is shown at the top of the dashboard when opening the app.

Product Sync

Full Sync

A full product catalog sync is performed twice a day. The timing of this will depend on your store.

Incremental Sync

When you make an update to a product in BigCommerce in admin or via the API, Hyper Search will automatically re-sync this product.

Only certain product fields trigger this incremental sync. See the official documentation.

Content Sync

Full Sync

Hyper Search also synchronizes categories, brands and content pages (web pages) so that it can recommend these to customers when appropriate.

Incremental Sync

There is no incremental sync for categories, brands and content pages. However, if a category is deleted then these are immediately moved from search results.

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