Quick Start

Once you have the app installed, here are just a few steps to get up and running. 

Choose a region

Hyper Search has infrastructure all around the world: Europe, America and Australia. Choose a region closest to your customers to ensure it's as fast as possible ⚡️.

Please note that you cannot change the region once it has been selected. If you need help with region selection, please get in contact us via support.

Confirm your searchable fields & filters

Confirm which product fields Hyper Search should use to find your products.

You can configure custom fields to be searched but it will take a moment to find these fields after installation.

In the next step, you can then confirm which product fields you would like to make available as filters on the storefront for your customer.

To review or find more search settings, go to Settings > Search.

Integrate with your theme

We provide an out-of-the-box search experience. To get set up with this, there is just a small modification needed to your theme files. See Adding Hyper Search to your site.

Once that is complete, you will need to enable the storefront integration in Settings > Storefront. You can also review other design options and settings here.

You can also create your own search experience by implementing our APIs.

Preview & Enable

Once you've chosen a region and configured settings, Hyper Search will sync all products from your BigCommerce store.

You can then use the Preview to try out the search within the app before enabling it on your storefront.

This can be found in Settings > Preview.

Once you're happy, you can then enable it on your storefront!

To review the storefront integration settings and enable it, go to Settings > Storefront.

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