Choose indexed fields

One of the first steps to get set up on Hyper Search is to configure which BigCommerce product fields should be sent to HyperSearch.

How to choose your indexed fields

We have set some sensible defaults for indexed fields however you may want to choose some additional fields to index.


  • Any fields that need to be searched
  • Any fields that search results need to be filtered by
  • Any fields that are used in the product results template, i.e. products grid.

Choose "Hidden" on sensitive fields so that they're not available on the storefront, e.g. total_sold. These can still be used to search against or for sorting.

Add a field to be indexed

Click the "Add" button and you will find a list of all product fields, including custom fields.

It may take a few moments after installation for Hyper Search to find all custom fields used on your products. Following this, Hyper Search will find new custom fields twice a day.

You can search or page through all fields until you find the fields that you need. You should confirm that the field format/type is also appropriate, e.g. should it be treated as text, e.g. "string" or as a number, e.g. "int".

Next, choose which fields to search.

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