Choose search fields

Once you have chosen your indexed fields, it's time to choose which fields should be used to search for relevant products.

How to choose your search fields

Choose any product fields which could contain search terms that a customer is likely to use. By default, we recommend:

  • Name
  • Page title
  • Search keywords
  • SKU
  • Categories
  • Brand

You may then have certain custom fields that you know will contain relevant search terms that you could include.

Be wary of including the product 'description' field. These are likely to include lots of words that aren't strictly describing this product and so it is likely to increase the number of false positives.

Add a field to be searched

Click the "add" button and find your field by searching or paging through the list of all product fields, including custom fields.

Adding a search field will automatically add it as an indexed field.

You should confirm that the field format/type is also appropriate, e.g. should it be treated as text, e.g. "string" or as a number, e.g. "int".

Adding a new search field will automatically trigger a sync of product data from BigCommerce unless the field was already indexed.

Next, choose which fields should be used to filter results on the storefront.

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