Choose search filters

Once you have chosen your search fields, it's time to choose which fields should be available to filter search results on the storefront.

Adding a search filter

Click the "Add" button and search for the product field that you would like to use as a filter. You will then need to choose what type of

You should confirm that the field format/type is also appropriate, e.g. should it be treated as text, e.g. "string" or as a number, e.g. "int".

Once a filter has been added or updated, it will automatically trigger a sync of product data from BigCommerce.

Creating a search filter will automatically mark this field as an indexed and searchable field.

Rename the filter

To change the display name of the filter on the storefront, edit the filter and update the display name.

Changing the order of a filter's options

By default, the available options for each filter are ordered alphabetically. If you instead would like them to be ordered by the number of results, edit the filter once added and update the "Sort Order" field to Count.

Changing the filter type

By default, filters are assumed to be a list of discrete options, i.e. a "Group". If it should be considered a continuous range, e.g. Price, then edit the filter and choose "Range" as the Facet Type.

Re-ordering filters

When viewing the list of filters, you can click to hold on and then drag and drop a filter to change the display order on the storefront.

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