Quick start

Once you have the app installed, there's just one step to get up and running: adding your WebDAV login credentials.

Adding your WebDAV login credentials

For the app to be able to manage your BigCommerce files, it requires a set of WebDAV login credentials.

These can be found in BigCommerce admin underneath Settings > File Access.

Then copy the WebDAV username and password into the settings page of the File Explorer app and press Save.

Viewing files

Once you have successfully added your WebDAV credentials, the files and folders from the root /dav directory will be shown.

Most likely you will want to double-click to open the content folder. Any file in this folder can be linked to from your storefront.

By default, folders are shown first and then files are shown in order of last modified. Choose Name in the sorter to change the sort order.

You can also click the List icon in the toolbar to view files in a table rather than a grid of icons.

Uploading files

To upload files, click the Upload button and select the files to upload.

Edit text files

With File Explorer, you can view and edit text files without needing to download them by double-clicking on the file.

It also has support for syntax highlighting of JSON, HTML, CSS, JS and CSV files to help reduce the change of errors when editing these file types.

Would you like to be able to edit images as well? Please get in touch to let us know what features you'd like to have!

Other file actions

You can also perform the following actions:

  • Download
  • Rename
  • Duplicate
  • Move
  • Create folder
  • Delete
  • Search current folder for files

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