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This feature is available on Enterprise plans.

Bringing a lightweight CMS to your BigCommerce store

BigCommerce metafields and shared metafields simplify content management by defining fields in advance.

However, sometimes you need just a bit more structure so that you can manage content in a single place.

For example, your products might have a Size Guide section which differs depending on whether it is a pair of Women's, Men's or Children's shoes.

If you were to manage this in metafields, the content would need to be duplicated. Managing size guides in Page Builder would also come with challenges.

Custom Resources brings a lightweight CMS to the BigCommerce platform. Add a new "Size Guide" resource and choose what fields it has. You can then create, update and delete size guides.

Once you've written your content, you can create a shared metafield on products of type "Size Guide". You will then be able to select a side guide for every product.

Your BigCommerce theme can then be updated to show the Size Guide.

Creating a Custom Resource

To create a new resource, open the app and press the "Add resource" button. The first step is to provide a name, e.g. Size Guide.

We recommend that you use the singular rather than the plural version of the name, e.g. "Size guide" not "Size Guides".

Adding fields to a custom resource

Once created, the resource (Size Guide) settings page is shown and you can begin adding fields to your size guide.

We recommend adding a Name field and marking it with Use as display name. The display name is used as the main way of identifying resource items within the app.

When creating a field, the following options are shown:

Option Description
Name The name of the field.
Use as display name Whether this field should be used as the "name" of the resource item once created. This is helpful as the primary label for a resource item within the app.
Content type The exciting bit! Choose what kind of content should be in this field, e.g. text, select, products, date, checkbox, product, JSON, etc.
Single or List On some items, like products, you can choose whether a single or multiple items can be selected.
Min/Max Characters On a text field, you can also define a minimum and maximum number of characters.

Creating a resource item

Now that the resource has fields, you can create your first entry, e.g. a Size Guide.

The form is generated based on the fields that were created in the previous step.

Continue adding as many items as you need.

Each time a resource item is updated, e.g. Size Guide, it's republished to all instances of the shared metafield.

Creating a shared metafield

To use your new resource items, go to Manage shared metafields of the native BigCommerce resource you would like to assign them to. In our Size Guide example, we want to assign these to products, so we go to Products within the app and choose Manage shared metafields.

Then, create a new shared product metafield called "Size Guide" and choose the new "Size Guide" content type.

You can also choose whether a single or a list of items can be assigned to the shared metafield.

You're now ready to assign custom resource items to the native BigCommerce resource item, i.e. assign a Size Guide to products.

Adding custom resources to your theme

There is some development required to use the custom resources within your theme. They are fetched along with your other shared metafields via a GraphQL query. This can be achieved through front matter or using a storefront AJAX request. See our guides for using metafields on the storefront.

All information about the custom resource will be available in JSON format and can be parsed with the JSONParse handlebars helper.

For example, to access the Size Guide on a product, first query the metafields:

gql: "query productMetafieldsById($productId: Int!) {
  site {
    product(entityId: $productId) {
        namespace: \"shared\"
        keys: [\"size_guide\"]
      ) {
	edges {
	  node {

To show the Size Guide HTML on the page, you would then add the following to your theme:

    {{#if node.key '===' "size_guide" }}         
        {{#JSONparse node.value}}
            {{{ guide }}}

Each time a resource item, e.g. Size Guide, is updated, it's republished to all instances of the shared metafield.

An API to access custom resources programmatically is coming soon. Please contact us to find out more.

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