Reassign metafield owner

Changes to metafields are restricted by BigCommerce's metafields permission system. This means that only the app or API account that created the metafield can delete the metafield (or make changes to the namespace, key or permission set).

Metafields Manager can override the permissions system, meaning you can edit any metafield, regardless of the owner.

However, there may be times when you wish to be able to change the owner of a metafield so that another app or API account can own it, e.g. your back office system integration needs to be able to delete a metafield that was initially created elsewhere.

Metafields that were created by duplicating a product have the owner "MERCHANT" which further restricts them. They can only be deleted by Metafields Manager or another app with full access to override metafields permissions.

You can change the owner of a metafield by finding the metafield within our app and choosing Change owner from the actions dropdown.

Then, copy and paste the API client ID of the App or API account that you wish to own the metafield.

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