How quickly should I see the order of categories updated?

Typically you should see your updates reflected on the storefront within a couple of minutes.

When saving a category, your products are immediately re-merchandised by the app and the new sort orders are sent to BigCommerce via API. BigCommerce then processes these and updates the storefront. Your browser can also sometimes cache the page on repeated refreshes so we recommend using force refresh/reload (Ctrl + r on Windows or CMD + r on Mac) 

I've put a product on sale but it hasn't been boosted to the top of the category

Our app does not reprocess product updates immediately. All categories with merchandising enabled are remerchandised on a schedule multiple times a day. 

Why can I not view the app within the BigCommerce admin?

BigCommerce does not currently support accessing apps when using the Sarafi browser, or when using Private Browsing in other browsers.

Instead, our app will detect these scenarios and provide you with the option of opening the app in a new tab outside of the BigCommerce admin. 

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