Visual Merchandiser

Getting started

Categories must have merchandising enabled for pinned product changes to take effect.

When you first view the Visual Merchandiser tab, there will be no pinned products. There are two ways to find products to pin. Using the quick search, or the full product table search.

With the quick search box, you can search by product name or SKU.  This will only search for products that are already assigned to this category.

Once you find the right product, click the pin icon and it will be added to the pinned products section. 

Alternatively, below the Pinned Products section is table that shows all products within the current category. It also be filtered using a search term. Additional information, like stock level and total sold in order to help you merchandise the most relevant products. This table can be sorted by clicking on a table header.

Click the pin icon on the right-hand side to pin and unpin items. 

Re-order pinned products

Once you have pinned items, you can click-and-hold to drag and move each item's position. 

This functionality can also be controlled just by using the keyboard. Once a product is selected, click enter, and then use the arrow keys to reposition.

Alternative view modes

The app offers multiple views of pinned products: Large grid, small grid, and list view. Choose a view that you prefer and it will be remembered as you continue to merchandise other categories. 


You can also manage Pinned Products by exporting and importing a spreadsheet of product SKUs and their sort order positions.

Save & Publish Changes

Once you are happy with your pinned products, choose the Save button and products will immediately be reprocessed. This will typically take a couple of minutes and then the changes will be reflected on the storefront when you view the "Featured" sort order. We recommend changing the default category sort order to be "Featured" so that your customers see the newly merchandised view.

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