Quick start

Once you have the app installed, here are three steps to get yourself up and running. 

Create a new menu

Choose the "Create menu" button to give your new menu a name.

Add some menu items

Now it's time to add your first menu item. Specify a name and, optionally, a link and click Add.

You can continue adding more menu items. These can be added at the top level, or you can create a sub-menu by choosing "Add child" action. 

Add to your store with PageBuilder

To add a menu to your storefront, open up PageBuilder.  You will find a new widget for each menu that you've created. 

To use the menu as your main navigation, then drag and drop the widget into a global region in the header.

Out of the box, we provide a responsive theme which will also automatically hide your existing menu.

Read more about adding your menu with PageBuilder.

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