Import / Export

If you need to move a menu from one store to another, using our import/export is going to be the fastest way of doing it.


To create an export, view a menu and choose the "Import/Export" tab.  Click "Export" and shortly after a spreadsheet of your menu items will be downloaded.


After you have exported your menu items and made some changes, you will then want to import to update or create new menu items.  

To do this, view the menu that you wish to update and choose the "Import/Export" tab. 

Note that menu items are identified by the "code" column of the spreadsheet. When editing a menu item in admin this is referred to as the "Unique identifier". 

Page Builder settings

There is currently no way to import or export options that were configured when adding the Page Builder widget. These will have to be manually updated or migrating between instances. 

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