What themes is your app compatible with?

We are compatible with Cornerstone and any themes that stay close to Cornerstone in terms of how the header and menu are implemented. If you run into any issues with our mega menu on your theme, please get in touch and we'll do what we can to help resolve any incompatibilities. 

Can I change the width that the mobile or desktop menu is shown?

You can change when the mobile menu is shown using the "Mobile menu breakpoint" setting when configuring the PageBuilder widget.

Is the mega menu accessible?

We have taken a number of steps to make our mega menu as accessible as possible. This includes ensuring that:

  • Both the mobile and flyout mega menu work on all device types: mobile, tablet and desktop. 
  • The menu can be navigated solely using a keyboard. 
  • There is a time delay when moving the mouse between top-level menu items and children menu items to ensure that another top-level menu item isn't accidentally triggered. 

Why is the menu not shown on mobile?

If the "hamburger menu" icon in your theme uses a different class to the one used in BigCommerce's default theme, Cornerstone, then there is an additional setup step. See using a custom hamburger menu.

How do I remove the original site navigation?

Out of the box, our app hides the original site navigation with CSS. At this time, we don't recommend removing the original menu from the theme but we do provide some experimental instructions on how to remove the original site navigation from your store if this is important to you. 

Why does the app not load in BigCommerce admin?

BigCommerce does not currently support accessing apps when using the Safari browser, or when using Private Browsing in other browsers.

Instead, our app will detect these scenarios and provide you with the option of opening the app in a new tab outside of the BigCommerce admin. 

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For anything else, please get in touch.

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