Column Design Options

We offer different design options so that you can change the look and feel of each column as necessary. These design options are set on second-level menu items. 


The default column design option simply shows menu items in a list. In this instance, additionally, the second-level menu items have images assigned to them. 

Images inline

This design option changes the way that images are shown when assigned to third-level menu items. They are shown inline within circles. 

If you would prefer the inline images to be shown without the circle, i.e. square, then use our "square-images" CSS class to the second-level menu item on the customization tab. 

Images only

When set on the second-level menu item, the titles/names of all third-level menu items will be hidden and only their images will be shown. This can be used to create image-only promotional blocks.


This can be used to create a dummy column which hidden to create white space and separation between menu items. This is most useful when the top-level menu item is set to "Flex". When it's set to "Grid" empty columns can be created by changing a second-level menu item to span multiple columns of the grid. 

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