Example Menu: Grids

By default, each menu will automatically adjust the width of columns to make use of the full width of the menu. Some designs call for greater control over how columns are sized. For these situations, we provide the ability to specify your own "grid" of columns. 

To give you some inspiration, here are some ways that you can make the most of grid-based content. 

Span multiple columns

Using a grid can be helpful when you wish to allow a list of menu items to span across multiple columns or have an empty column. 

This design is a grid of 4 columns, which we configure on the top-level "Painting & Decorating" menu item, as below. 

Then, on the second-level "Painting & Decorating" menu item, we can change the column span to 2. You'll notice in this situation we have also chosen the "Images inline" option and uploaded images to each of the third-level menu items so that they are shown as circles next to each link. 

Multiple rows of menu lists

This grid approach can also be used to allow for two rows of menu lists.

As well as allowing for large lists to wrap onto multiple rows.

See Example Menu: Multiple Rows, for more information on how to achieve this. 

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