Quick start

Our single-click install app allows you to set up a back-in-stock marketing campaign in minutes without any manual code changes required. 

Get started in three steps

When you open the app for the first time, three steps are shown to get set up. 

  • Turn on Back in Stock alerts by configuring the look of the sign-up form. 
  • Choose how quickly to send alerts when products come back in stock
  • Customize the email design to suit your store. 

Configure sign-up form

To add the sign-up form to your site, select "Enable alert request". 

You can then choose to customise almost any aspect of the form: 

  • Would you like it shown inline or in a modal lightbox?
  • What text would you like shown to customers?
  • Do you want to collect marketing consent?
  • Would you like to change the button colours?

See Designing the sign-up form for more details.

Choose when to send alerts

Back in Stock Alerts will automatically email customers when a product comes back in stock. You may choose to disable it initially while completing the setup steps.

The main settings to consider here are:

  • Should customers be emailed as soon as there is a single item in stock?
  • Should customers be emailed all at once or should a slower, drip-feed strategy be used? 

See Change when notifications are sent for more details. 

Customize your email

The final step is to customise the notification email that is sent to customers. 

By default, emails will be sent using our email provider (SendGrid) and come from "Your store name <[email protected]>". You can choose your own sender name & reply-to address. 

We then provide the ability to customize the notification email itself:

  • Change or localize the wording
  • Tweak or completely replace the email template. 
  • Preview your changes. 

See customizing email design and email send methods for more information. 

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