Customer Privacy

We respect that we all have a responsibility for any information provided to us by customers.  Please all see our page on Data residency & Security.


The storefront sign-up form is provided without using any cookies and so this functionality is available regardless of whether the customer has accepted the cookie policy.


Each email alert that is sent to customers includes two links to help them manage their preferences. One allows them to unsubscribe to any further alerts for the product that triggered the email. The second link allows them to unsubscribe from all other stock alerts. 

We do not provide a preference center for a customer to view all active subscriptions at this time. 

If you receive a customer support request to unsubscribe a customer, this can also be done within the app by an admin user. Once you have opened the app, view all alert requests and search for the customer. You can then use the delete option on each request to remove these alert requests

Data Deletion

We do not currently provide a way of deleting all customer data from within an app. If you would like this done for any or all customers, please get in touch and our customer support team will be able to action this for you. 

You can read more in our privacy policy.

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