Change when notification emails are sent

How quickly all customers are notified is going to be different depending on your business. Choose a notification strategy that suits your store. 

Notification strategies

All at once

The default and simplest notification strategy is to send all customers that have signed up for alerts an email as soon as a single unit of stock has returned.

Some customers at a time

If you have a few products that are highly sought after, then you might choose to only send email notifications to a few customers at a time. You can then configure how long to wait before sending more notifications if the item is still in stock. 

Some customers per unit of stock

The most cautious option for those that want to minimise customer disappointment is to use last notification strategy. This allows you to email some customers at a time, where the amount of customers can be defined on a per unit of stock basis. For example, you can email 5 customers per unit of stock, and then wait for a certain period before the system will automatically email more customers. This will continue until all customers have been emailed or the item goes of stock. 

For example, if there are 100 subscribers and 5 items that have come back in stock. If the strategy was configured to email 5 customers per unit of stock every 60 minutes, then the app would send notifications to 25 customers at a time. Over the course of 3 hours, all customers would have been notified. 

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