How quickly should I see my products updated?

When saving a category rule, your products are immediately re-evaluated. So this should be in the region of a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the size of your catalog.

I’ve updated a product but the categories haven’t updated, what’s wrong?

Our app is only notified when a product is updated in certain instances, see how products are processed.

If you need the products instantly processed, you can Force Product Reprocessing.

I still can’t get the rule to work, what do I try?

For complex conditions, we recommend simplifying the set of conditions initially to prove that the basic conditions work and then gradually increase the complexity. This will help identify where the problem lies and where to focus your attention.

Why can I not view the app within the BigCommerce admin?

BigCommerce does not currently support accessing apps when using the Sarafi browser, or when using Private Browsing in other browsers.

Instead, our app will detect these scenarios and provide you with the option of opening the app in a new tab outside of the BigCommerce admin. 

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