How products are processed


No product data is stored within our app. When required, products are fetched live, evaluated against the active category rules and their categories updated if required.

Product categories are updated when:

  • A Category rule within the app is saved.
  • A product is created or saved. (Please note the limitations detailed below)
  • Twice a day the app reprocesses the full catalogue automatically.

Force Product Reprocessing

Not all product fields trigger category reprocessing.

BigCommerce notified the app when a product is updated but only when certain fields have changed. See the official documentation.

This means that if you use a field that is on the following list won’t be immediately re-evaluated:

  • Custom field
  • MPN
  • GTN

If you have product updates that require them to be re-processed for category updates, you can force this by one of the following methods:

  • Making a change to a field will trigger a product update notification, e.g. extra space in the product description.
  • Re-save the category rule and this will trigger a full catalogue reprocessing.
  • Going to Advanced settings in the app and clicking Re-process all products will also trigger a full catalog reprocessing.

Disabling Rule Processing

Rule processing can be disabled for each category by editing the category and unchecking the "Automate" option. This will mean that you can use the native BigCommerce product assignment again.

Disabling will not revert categories to their original state but rather stop any further changes from being made.

This may be useful if you wish to use the app to do an initial product assignment and then disable it to manually manage from then onwards.

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