Quick start

Choose a Category

When you open the app, the first you will see is a list of your store’s categories. Choose one of these to get started.

Choose Rule-Based Product Assignment

There is an option on each category whether products should be assigned manually (i.e. BigCommerce native functionality) or automatically using rules.

Configure Rule

The next step is to configure the conditions required for a product to be assigned to the category.

For each condition you can configure:

  • Field
    • The product field to consider, e.g. SKU, Sale Price etc.
  • Operator
    • How to compare the required value with the product field. For example.
  • Value
    • This is the value that is compared with the product field for each product.

In the example below, we show how to configure a rule to create a category with all products that have sale price set on them.

Save and Process Catalog

Each time a category is saved, all products are re-processed and evaluated against this rule. This may take a few moments depending on the size of your catalog.

Note that this is completed in the background and so a success message that this stage just indicates that the process was successfully started.

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