You've created a fantastic new BigCommerce site but some of your custom data is stored in metafields and these aren't visible to you without getting a developer involved.

Our app creates a lightweight CMS for your site content that's stored in metafields - letting you focus on creating a great customer experience.


  • View, create and update metafields on products, variants, categories, brands, channels and orders.
  • Make quick edits to metafields directly from the products and orders admin list view.
  • Save time by importing and exporting metafields in bulk.
  • Create shared metafields to define the available fields on all items, e.g. products, in advance. (available on premium plans and above)
  • Update any metafield regardless of its permissions. You can also change the owner of a metafield.

This app is brought to you by Space 48, BigCommerce Agency Partner of the Year, EMEA, in 2020 & 2021, and UK Partner of the Year in 2022.

Please email [email protected], or submit a contact form, with any questions, problems or feedback. 

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