Quick start

Find your page

When you open the app, you can search for the page you wish to make a change to. 

Make your changes

When editing a page you can make changes to various page attributes, including:

  • Name
  • URL
  • Whether it is the homepage
  • Whether it is restricted to logged in customers
  • Whether it is visible on the storefront navigation.

Note: You cannot make or scheduled page content changes with our app. Unfortunately, this can only be done through PageBuilder. 

Schedule the change

Once you have your changes ready, you can either save to update immediately, or click "Schedule update" to pick a date and time when the changes should take effect.

Our app supports the grouping of changes together in a single "event". So the first task is either to choose an existing event or create a new one for these changes. 

An event must have a name and a start date and time. This will always be in the timezone of your BigCommerce store.

An event can optionally have an end date and time. When this arrives, the changes will be reverted. 

View scheduled events

You can view a list of all events, whether they're in the past, currently active or upcoming.

Edit scheduled event

When viewing an event, you can see the current status of the event and also update the schedule, i.e. start and end times.

The "Updates" tab will show a list of all of the pages that are scheduled to be updated as part of this event.

Edit scheduled page updates

Even after you've added some page changes to an event, you can update them by viewing the scheduled updates and choosing "edit". 

Once you're happy with your changes, click "save" and the schedule will be updated. 

Note: You can only make changes to upcoming events that are "Pending". 

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