Adding a menu item

Great, you've created your first menu. Now it's time to add some menu items. 

You may like to create a similar structure to your list of categories but the beauty of Mega Menu Builder is that you get to decide exactly what your menu should look like. 

We support menus with up to 4 levels. Due to limitations in BigCommerce, we cannot show more than this on the storefront.

Choosing the basics

When creating a new menu item, the first thing to provide is the menu item name. 

You can then enter your own link. Alternatively, choose the category, product, page or brand options to use our item search & selector tool. 

Add an image  

After entering your name & link, you can choose to upload an image to your menu item. Images are shown on second and third-level menu items on desktop. On mobile they are shown on all levels. 

Note that the first time that you upload an image, you will need to provide WebDAV credentials so that images can be uploaded to your BigCommerce store.

Customize Markup

We also provide the ability to annotate individual menu items with additional CSS classes or a custom ID. This can be helpful when applying custom CSS styling to your menu.

Set visibility

You can manage the visibility of the menu item. For instance, you can completely disable it or choose to hide it on certain device sizes. This can be useful if you want to have some menu links that are only available in the mobile menu. 

In addition, you can restrict some menu items to only be visible to logged-in customers, or customers from certain customer groups.

Change sort order

The order of sibling menu items is determined by the number assigned to their "Sort order" field. Menu items are shown in ascending order.

If you would like to reposition a menu under a different parent, then you can select a new parent. 

Choose a menu design option

We offer a few different ways to manage how your menu items are displayed, including how columns are spaced, and how each list of menu items should be shown.

For full details on our mega menu design options.

Top Level menu item design options

Second level menu item design options

Read more about mega menu design options.

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